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Eliminate the Constraints on Your Firm's Achievement

A company's supplier-base is one of those areas that receive the least amount of attention, and then only when things become problematic for the company. This is due to a variety of reasons, not the least of which are the constraints on a firm's resources. With the supply chain management and the supplier survey and approval method offered by Paradigm Consulting Services your firm can be confident that the suppliers you work with have the ability to meet your needs on a consistent basis. 

Core-Knowledge of Essential Commodities

The ability of potential suppliers to meet your needs is crucial, and should be adequately assessed prior to any purchase commitment being made. This is critical, whether your purpose is to receive quick-turn, consignment prototypes, or high-volume turnkey production assemblies. Additionally, our team has core knowledge in the commodities that are of concern to you everyday. We have core knowledge in the following manufacturing areas:

PCB / PCBA | Surface-mount | Electronic Components | Plastics & Injection Molding | Metal Fabrication (CNC & others) | Disposables | Contract Assembly | Packaging | Hand Assembly | Sterilization | High Volume Manufacturing | Rapid Prototyping / SLA

Establishing a Reliable Supplier Base

This is especially important for your key suppliers. Your objective here is to try and make sure that the candidate supplier has the capability and reliability to meet your needs and expectations for as long as necessary. After your supplier base has been established, try to plan and adhere to performing scheduled audits with some regularity.

Preventative Planning Helps Avoid Potential Problems

All suppliers are important, but your key suppliers are deserving of special focus and attention. This will help to keep you up-to-date with their business activities, and possibly, help to prevent problems from occurring in the first place. Paradigm Consulting Services can help you maintain a plan that includes regularly scheduled audits with these organizations, including any follow-ups that may be nessesary.